miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

Logo lounge 2

Features 2,000 logos and provides fresh inspiration to anyone looking to direct the design of their own identity.
A searchable database of more than 36,000 logos by keyword is available by subscription on the popular website,, launched in 2002 by author Bill Gardner. If you don't have a subscription but would still like to see the best logos on the site created by top designers who often maintain low profiles, then the new paperback edition of LogoLounge 2 is for you.
Recent noteworthy projects that are claiming the public spotlight are profiled in this book. It covers identities created for various industries such as airlines, networks, dot-coms, banks, and fashion, as well as lesser-known boutique projects in which the designer's name is larger than the client's.
The first portion of the book profiles ten top designers and spotlights their biggest, newest campaigns. A handful of their smaller projects are also featured, including some that have never before been seen. The second half of the book contains almost 2,000 logos organized by logo design (typography, people, mythology, nature, sports, etc.)

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