jueves, 30 de mayo de 2013

Street Logos

Graffiti art is constantly changing. Fresh coats of paint and newly pasted posters appear overnight in cities across the world. New artists, new ideas and new tactics displace faded images in a perpetual process of renewal and metamorphosis. From Stockholm to Tokyo, Barcelona to Los Angeles, Melbourne to Milan, wall spaces are a breeding ground for graphie and typographie forms as artists unleash their daily creations. Current graffiti art is more reflective of the world around it. Using new materials and techniques, its innovators are creating an original language of forms and images infused with contemporary graphie design and illustration. Fluent in branding and graphie imagery, they have been replacing tags with more personal logos and shifting from typographie to iconographie forms of communication. Subverted signs, spontaneous drawings, powerful symbols and curious characters represent an unstoppable worldwide outdoor gallery of free art. Street Logos is an international celebration of these developmentsin 21st-century graffiti, an essential sourcebook for ail art and design professionals and a delight to everyone excited by the vitality of the street. With 485 illustrations, 463 in colour

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